Interview with Dr. Michael Goldschmidt, Assistant Professor at University of Missouri, Columbia

Your Name: Michael Goldschmidt
Your Position: Assistant Professor
Your School: University of Missouri, Columbia, Environmental Design Department
Graduate Degrees Offered: M.A., M.S. and Ph.D. in Environmental Design

1) When is the right time for someone to consider attending a graduate environmental program like yours?

November or December of the year before fall admission or the next year up until April of the same year.

2) What are the top three reasons that students choose to pursue a graduate degree in your program's field of study?

  • Expertise of Faculty
  • Quality of the Program
  • Location (Midwest)

3) When selecting prospective graduate students, what factors are considered by your admissions staff? Beyond the "basics" of good grades and GRE scores and a demonstrated commitment to their education, what makes an applicant stand out?

  • Quality of undergraduate work (including portfolio if undergraduate work was in a design field)
  • Recommendations from those familiar with applicant's academic potential

4) What do you look for in a prospective student's background and/or essay (if one is required)?

Clear goals and objectives regarding graduate study.

5) Does your department interview prospective students before admitting them? If so, what are you looking for in the interview?

An interview is not required but it is recommended as a method of pairing the applicant with a potential faculty advisor.

6) What three things can most likely DECREASE an applicant's chances of getting accepted?

  • Kansas State University
  • University of Oregon
  • University of Virginia

7) Other than your program, in your opinion, what are the overall top three comparable graduate-level environmental programs in the United States? Do any outstanding International programs come to mind?

Dr. Goldschmidt did not respond to this question.

8) What percentage of applicants do you accept into your program? In general, how selective are comparable graduate environmental programs?

Dr. Goldschmidt did not respond to this question.

9) Do you have any helpful statistics?

Dr. Goldschmidt did not respond to this question.

10) Do you have any other advice to offer for students who are trying to get accepted into a top graduate environmental program?

Dr. Goldschmidt did not respond to this question.

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